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No matter its size or the nature of work, without it you may reach negative results even if business is rolling and revenue is being generated, but at the end of the year, a lot of cash is outside your balance sheet.
Also in many situations, companies will find itself in a position that it has to grant their suppliers or customer's credit, otherwise it is out of competition. Since we are not in heaven, and taking into consideration the market's circumstances, its ups and downs, dealing in credit could be a double edge weapon that has its advantages and disadvantages.
Weather its fresh invoices, or old debts we collect it for you, against commission on the basis of " No collection No fees " NCNF. Amicable solutions are preferable all the ways, and is our first approach with debtors, if such methods proved to be not effective enough, we evaluate the success chances of Legal actions through our legal cons
Multiple reasons can affect the performance of your collectors which will force you to that result, such as:
• Work Load.
• Debtor's location if they are abroad in case the transaction is an export.